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MCAT vs FGG technique in gingival phenotype modification: a comparative RCT


Birtan Tolga Yilmaz, Elnur Comerdov, Ceren Kutuk, Jose Nart, H Gencay Keceli

Publication date 2022/6/16

Journal Clinical Oral Investigations

Objectives The gingival thickness (GT) and keratinized tissue (KT) height are defined as the gingival phenotype. Both the modified coronally advanced tunnel technique (MCAT) and free gingival grafts (FGG) are used in modifying the gingival phenotype. This study aims to compare MCAT and FGG in gingival phenotype modification. Materials and methods One hundred and forty recessions in 50 patients with thin and insufficient keratinized tissue at the anterior mandible were treated with either MCAT or FGG. GT, KT height, recession depth, recession width, probing depth, and clinical attachment level were evaluated at baseline and 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months. GT change, KT change, root coverage (RC), clinical attachment gain, and complete root coverage (CRC) were calculated. The wound healing index, tissue appearance, patient expectations, aesthetic, and dentin hypersensitivity were assessed at …

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